My Thermomix Story

I knew immediately I saw Thermomix in action that I wanted one! That was just over a year ago now and I can honestly say that from the day it arrived my Thermomix has exceeded expectations and is indispensable in my kitchen. I use it every day usually at least twice and often much more. It's worth every penny to me as it makes healthy, nutritious everyday home cooking and entertaining so very easy. I never intended to become a Thermomix advisor but soon realised that I needed to be spreading the word about Thermomix as every household needs one! It is so very well known and loved around the world yet is UK’s best kept secret. I love giving the demonstrations as Thermomix never fails to impress and so enjoy seeing how delighted my Thermomix customers are and how it makes a difference to their lives. I just wished I had heard of Thermomix years ago!

So why does every household need a Thermomix?

We all need to be home cooking with real food every day in order to maximise our nutrient intake and avoid the nasties such as added sugar, unhealthy fats, refined grains, additives and preservatives. It's all too easy to drift into less than optimal eating habits and rely more on processed and so-called convenience foods, largely because of the clever marketing but also because our lives get so very busy and time for food preparation and cooking is short. But home cooking so, so important as what we choose to put into our mouths and that of our families makes a real difference to our health and vitality.

What is happening in your kitchen?

I've seen plenty of food diaries and it's just too easy for the jars, packets, boxes to creep into our kitchen cupboards. Most people have good intentions and want to get their eating right for their own health and that of family but find it difficult due to a lack of time, lack of skills and perhaps a lack of understanding of what to eat.

With Thermomix in your kitchen you can cook deliciously, nutritious meals from scratch everyday cooking has never been easier!

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